“I had a number of lessons with Grace and the improvement in my breathing and singing was huge. She is a great teacher and very insightful, highly recommended if you want to improve your technique and voice.”
(Peter Evans – Artist)

“Grace is an amazing singing teacher. When I first saw Grace I couldn’t sing a note and was a complete beginner. But after a few lessons she patiently and clearly showed me how to expand my range, control my breathing and hold a note. I still remember the joy I felt at hitting the high note in “Light my Fire’ by the Doors. She gave me the confidence to start writing my own songs and form a band. My songs received airplay on BBC and Absolute Radio. I can’t recommend Grace enough. For either a complete novice or for singers looking to expand their abilities, she is a great singing teacher.”
(Paul Nicholson – Singer / Songwriter)

“Was truly a pleasure working with Grace, she helped me understand all aspects of singing, in safe and detailed program, irrelevant of style or level. Always elaborative, attentive and patient, but will push you when necessary. Comprehensive and professional lessons you will most certainly enjoy”
(Tony Vega – Frontman in REVERTED)

“I can thoroughly recommend Grace as a singing teacher. I took some lessons with her a year and a half ago and really enjoyed her vocal lessons. Grace has studied both operatic and contemporary vocal styles and has an all round knowledge of vocal techniques. She has first hand experience of both voice training and performing as a singer. She taught me important breathing techniques, stretching techniques, how to project different types of vocal sounds and also gave me some very useful exercises on ways to expand my vocal range as well as teaching me about how to safeguard my voice from potential strain. Her lessons helped me to develop more confidence in my singing and ability to project. Above all she was friendly, unintimidating and constantly encouraged me.”
(Anna Lucas – Community Music Facilitator)

“I went to Grace for help in preparing for a play with music. She helped me get to good level in a few short lessons and made it so much easier for me! Many thanks!”
(Brian Marks – Actor)

“I’ve had lessons with Grace for many years. She has an incredible voice and her range is very versatile. You can learn different styles, from rock to folk, pop and classical. She taught me how to engage with my diaphragm and how to store extra oxygen in my lungs to hold longer notes. Great class where you are not only learning about your voice but also how to control your breath during a performance. I highly recommend.”
(Simona Martini – Actor / Singer)

“Singing lessons is something I had always thought about as something just for me. I loved that Grace takes a holistic approach & it was interesting to learn more about how your whole body is used to sing; strengthening my core and changing the sounds you can make by using facial muscles. I enjoyed breaking down the songs into parts & then reassembling them once practiced. An all round great hobby & bucket list ticked.”
(Laura Newman – Counsellor)

“My 13 year old daughter has weekly singing lessons with Grace. Her lessons are extremely therapeutic and my daughter thoroughly enjoys them. She is an amazing musician and teacher. She creates so much energy while singing and we both look forward to seeing Grace every week. My daughters speech, singing and confidence has improved since having lessons. I would definitely recommend Grace.”
(Angela Winters)

“Grace is a great and very friendly teacher. I’m an absolute beginner and her method is clear and easy to understand. She brought me into a new world and she helped me to discover my voice and develop my confidence. She taught me how to project clean sounds and notes through many different useful exercises.
I’m improving with every lesson with her and I’m very grateful for what she has done for me.
Vocal coach and Life coach. I highly recommend.”
(Aleshandro Lucero – student)

“Working with Grace is a pleasure. She, herself is a powerful singer, and she’s helped me to develop more control and power as well as teaching me how to utilise all aspects of my breathing to achieve a stronger sound. She is patient, clear and pushes you to achieve your best. Grace is a great teacher whom I would thoroughly recommend.”
(Anna Bengo – Songwriter)

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