I have a holistic approach to teaching. My lessons incorporate various elements that are part of my education and background – see ‘About me’. Also regular yoga training and NIA dance play a fundamental role in my teaching style, with an emphasis on performance and using the body as a whole.

Our bodies act as resonators for the vocal chords, giving warmth, color, plasticity and power to the voice while amplifying its frequencies and emotions.

The sensation of having a ‘stuck voice’ (voice stuck in your throat) can happen to everyone and it’s more common than we think, due to general tension in the body or feeling generally overwhelmed.

My relaxation exercises can help you identify and overcome emotional tension, unblocking your voice to its full potential and giving you full body/mind/spirit awareness.

Anyone from all walks of life can benefit from these exercises. You don’t need to be a musician or a singer. Just try a lesson and experience its positive effect and a renewed sense of freedom.

For more information, prices and to book a lesson,
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